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Rogue Pursuit 


We are a small group of guys with a passion for waterfowl hunting. We are located in North Central Kansas, and guide hunts throughout Cloud County, Repulic County and Washington County. During the early season we target a variety of ducks. We kick off the season in September with lue/green wing teal. In October we shoot a mixed bag of wigeon, gadwall, and the occasional mallard. Later in the season the tides will turn and we shoot mostly mallards. Most of these hunts are on private farm ponds, hunting out of A-frame blinds. As the season progresses Canadian and Speckle-bellied geese start their migration. We hunt the geese and mallards on ponds and in the fields, utillizing layout blinds and A-frames depending on the situation and hunters preference. We have an effective decoy setup, experience with calling, and most importantly we put in hours of time scouting and finding the location and pattern of the birds. We know how rewarding waterfowl hunting is and we are looking to provide the best waterfowl experience possible.


Give us a call if you have any any questions!

Wyatt Trost
(785) 614-3548

Coren Monzon
(785) 614-2999

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