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MRA Rules
  • Turkey hunt balance must be paid by March 1st
  • A No Jake Kill will be enforced, $50 penalty
  • Muzzleloader & Early Archery balance to be paid by September 1st.
  • Archery and Late Archery balance to be paid by October 1st.
  • Failure to make proper payments will cancel the hunt (NO REFUND).
  • MRA has the rights to all pictures of animals taken on said properties to use for future advertisingsolely for their business.
  • Harvesting deer under 135 class will result in a $500 penalty.  A $500 deposit will be given to theoutfitter at the beginning of the week.
  • Hunters are required to travel to and from tree stands, NO SCOUTING permitted.  First infraction, lose one day of hunting; second infraction, hunt is terminated.
  • When a deer is shot you have to notify outfitter/guide immediately so all effort can be made to locate the animal, failure to do so will result in hunt terminated.  A hit deer and no recovery will end your hunt unless hunter pays a continued hunting fee of $500.  Hitting a second deer and no recovery means the hunt is terminated.
  • No opening gates or driving in fields without consent of MRA or landowner or your hunt will be terminated.

Hunters by signing this contract release the landowners and MRA from any liability while hunting on properties and staying at lodge.  In case of sprains, broken limbs, heart attacks, and/or any other health issues that may occur while hunting/lodging, hunters will be 100% responsible for themselves.  No Heavy Drinking during the duration of your hunt.  While hunting in tree stands all hunters are required to use safety belts to prevent falling and injuring oneself..  All hunters are required to obey all Kansas game laws.  Any infraction will cancel the hunt with no refund.  If hunters cause any interference between the operation of MRA and the landowners their hunt will be terminated with no refund.  Any damage to the lodge or stealing items pertaining to lodge or MRA will result in hunt being terminated.  By signing this contract hunters will obey everything set forth.



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