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Welcome to Monster Rack Adventures

We are located in North Central Kansas in Washington County. We lease over 9000 private acres of Prime hunting country. We intend on leasing more land to keep growing our operation in a positive way for our hunters. Monster Rack Adventures just built a Brand New Lodge in 2018 consisting of 4 bedrooms with their own private bath, a large dining, TV room, rec room, hunting gear room, washroom, and a workshop to hang our game when harvested. The property also supports an acre pond with bass and catfish to boot. The properties we hunt consist of flat farmland to rolling hills and deep creek beds. Kansas soil is rich with minerals which grow corn, soybean, milo, wheat, and sunflowers. Because of the crops and rich soil the deer grow large racks and develop huge body growth with mature bucks weighing 225 to 300 pounds. We have tree stands on all the farms with active mineral sights located through out the farms also.  We run Muzzleloader hunts in mid September and a few Archery hunts. Our main Archery hunts take place around the last week of October and run into Thanksgiving with a small late season hunt in December. Rifle season consist of one week of hunters with a small number of hunters permitted. We have a very healthy population of turkeys on our properties with mature Toms weighing 20-30 pounds, Rio’s, Eastern’s and Hybrid’s can be found on the properties.

Thank you for viewing our website and God Bless!!!

"ARROWED AT 8 YARDS" IS NOW LIVE ON YOUTUBE! Check out this awesome hunt I just had last week at Monster Rack Adventures

Sick For The Hunt, Pure Whitetail

Trail Cam Pics

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